Born From Tradition – Volume 1

This is an Irish folk album. In mirth and measure. It is an album that comes back to the idea of home. Shane’s fourth album to date, “Born From Tradition”, is made up of ten songs. Six of these songs are original compositions and there are two in the Irish language. The remaining four are traditional songs from folk playbook. The plan with this album was to keep it simple, let the songs do the talking. On listening you hear that and more.

A definite air of wandering and longing permeates these songs. New York, Dublin, France, even a song penned in Sydney Australia, namely “Roll On The Wind”, are aired. “Anyway”, his modern ballad is a song about life on the streets of Dublin and his new single, labelled his most controversial song to date “New England”, was animated by the man himself. He tells us —  “is one of those songs that could get you in trouble”. 

Shane Ó Fearghail’s new album is a pearl waiting to be discovered” Adrian Coleașă – Midnight Burst Romania

Self produced and recorded between Dublin and Vienna, “Born From Tradition” is a quiet affair. Joined by Austrian musicians, it is haunting in its simplicities. The traditional tracks are familiar. It is their delivery and arrangements however, that add relevance. Placed alongside Shane’s self-penned ballads, they fit. 

Trasna na gCianta 


Born From Tradition’ is shortlisted “Best Album” at this years CeltCast Fantasy Awards in the Netherlands. ‘Trasna na gCianta’ was selected in the RTÉ (Irelands National Broadcaster) – pick of the week two weeks running upon its release. Shane was recently awarded  “Best Songwriter” at the Sofia Songwriting Festival in Bulgaria and has recently been selected to represent Ireland alongside nineteen Irish Industry professionals at this years A2IM – Indie Music Week 2021. 

New England 



* Kurzportrait Shane Ó Fearghail auf Deutsch *